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Job Type Full-Time
Job Description

This position assists customers by cashing checks, receiving deposits, and processing other transactions as authorized; refers questionable transactions to the Head Teller; balances all transactions processed each business day and provides for the security of assigned cash; and assists customers in any way possible to improve customer relations.


 Customer relations: Maintains a pleasant attitude towards customers by promptly greeting them with a smile and an appropriate verbal salutation. Thanks the customer when the transaction has been completed.
 Receives deposits, cashes checks, and processes withdrawals.
 Verifies endorsements and customer balances on any checks larger than the amount specified in the Check Cashing Policy.
 Determines whether immediate credit should be given on a deposit.
 Determines if a bank officer’s approval is needed for the transaction.
 Maintains currency and coin supply as prescribed by bank policy.
 Verifies currency.
 Wraps and bags coin.
 Mixes new currency.
 Works up mutilated money.
 Completes a Currency Transaction Report (CTR) for each deposit, withdrawal, exchange of currency, or purchase of cashier’s check that involves currency of $10,000 or more.
 Refers special transactions to a supervisor for approval, such as exchanging or depositing large amounts of currency, processing large withdrawals, cashing checks that are not covered under the Check Cashing Policy.
 Balances daily work by reconciling opening cash balance, cash received, cash disbursed, and closing cash balance.
 Sells money orders, cashier’s checks, and traveler’s checks.
 Makes credit card advances for customers.
 Sells and redeems U.S. Savings Bonds. Refers Series HH Savings Bonds to Head Teller.
 Accepts loan payments and federal tax deposits.
 Verifies mail deposits and prepares documentation for mailing back to the customer, as assigned.
 Stays abreast of and promotes the Bank’s services. Cross-sells Bank products.
 Makes a concerted effort to solve customer problems without the need to escalate to a supervisory level.
 Maintains up-to-date knowledge of existing policies and procedures necessary for performing teller duties. Attends training sessions as scheduled.
 Maintains familiarity with all security equipment and safety procedures.
 Assists other personnel in completion of end-of-day duties.
 Performs all other duties as directed by the Head Teller.
• Monitors amount of account analysis logging done by tellers in comparison to cash flow from vault to determine accuracy. Makes sure logs are submitted to bookkeeping on a weekly basis.
• Prints closed account report on a weekly basis. Pulls closed signature cards and places in the designated area.
• Prints new account reports on a daily basis. Sends thank you cards to new customers using standard wording.
• Sorts all “Hold” mail statements and places in a designated secure area.
• Fills out transmittal forms for sale of cashier’s checks and sends paperwork to bookkeeping at the end of each day.
• Closes money order machine and sends paperwork to bookkeeping at the end of each day.
• Balances TT&L and fills out transmittal form. Sends totals to bookkeeping at the end of each day.
• Performs other duties as assigned.


• High school diploma or GED certificate
• Prior cash handling experience

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