Debit Card

Select from a variety of designs today…

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Increase purchasing flexibility and convenience with a ValueBank Texas personalized debit card.  Select from several designs including the official debit card for the Corpus Christi Hooks!  Stop by any branch to sign up and get your photo taken today.

Designs include:

  • CC Hooks Official Debit Card: Available only at ValueBank Texas
  • High School Spirit Cards for: Aransas Pass, Ingleside, Orange Grove, Portland, Port Aransas, and Rockport.
  • Pet Lover Designs
  • Corpus Christi T-Heads
  • Texas Pride
  • Fishing
  • Surfing


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Planning a Trip?

If you plan on using your debit card while traveling and will travel out of Texas then you should notifying our customer service department at  361.888.4451.  

Important Travel Transaction Notice:  ValueBank Texas actively works to protect your accounts from fraudulent transactions. To aid in the prevention of fraud happening to you, we have taken steps to monitor and possibly block fraudulent transactions.

Our system may block transactions outside of Texas.

Informing us of your upcoming travel plans outside of Texas will allow us to minimize the potential of disrupting/blocking your transactions during your trip.


Ask for customer service before you travel, if your plans take you outside of Texas. Let us know where you are going and how long you plan to be there so we can take steps to make sure this blocking does not occur.

If you do encounter a block Debit Card transaction when traveling, call ValueBank Texas at 361.888.4451 and ask for customer service. Once we identify you as the account holder, we can release any blocking on your transaction.

Corpus Christi Branch Telephone Numbers

Main 361.888.4451 Midtown 361.851.9390 Southside 361.985.8900

Texas Branch Telephone Numbers

Aransas Pass 361.758.8511 Ingleside 361.776.2541 Orange Grove 361.384.2433 PortAransas 361.749.5264 Portland 361.643.8334 Richmond 281.633.9110 Rockport 361.729.4212

Business Bill-Pay

Business BillPay is Fast, Secure and Easy… Online BillPay.

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Important Message

ValueBank Texas is not affiliated with Mo Money or any other tax preparer.  There are some tax refund checks that are drawn on ValueBank but control and distribution of the funds is handled by an third party refund processor who may be contacted at 1-855-872-8411.

Important Change to U.S. Savings Bonds

Important Change to U.S. Savings Bonds

Paper savings bonds will no longer be sold at financial institutions after December 31, 2011.  But they’re not going away – electronic savings bonds can be purchased online through TreasuryDirect.

Already have paper savings bonds?  Existing paper bonds are still valid and will earn interest for 30 years from the issue date or until redeemed.  You can continue to cash savings bonds here.

To learn more go online to