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Merchant Capture Services

ValueBank Texas is now offering E-Deposit, an innovative electronic deposit processing solution.  Using a table-top scanner, merchants can capture check images on-site and deliver their deposits electronically to ValueBank Texas for processing via a secure internet connection.

This new product will improve customer’s efficiency by allowing them to process deposits electronically, thus expediting transaction processing.  For more information on remote capture contact ValueBank Texas at 361.888.4451.

Reason Why You Should Consider
ValueBank E-Deposit Service

FlexibilityE-Deposit is available for consumer and commercial checks

Funds Availability:  Your funds are available quicker than with a traditional paper deposit

Extended Deposit Time:  Make deposits throughout the day, up until 6:30 p.m.

Multiple business locations:  All your business locations can deposit directly into one main account, even your out-of-town offices

Convenience:  Eliminate driving to the bank and waiting in lines.  Simply scan each check and let the E-Deposit total, archive and securely process each check

Image Archives:  The system will automatically archive all deposited checks

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