ValueBank Texas can help improve your cash flow.

At ValueBank Texas, we specialize in helping businesses like yours maximize day-to-day cash flow and financial operations by providing cash management products that can help improve your bottom line! Call or stop by any branch to schedule a financial analysis.

Merchant Services

Offering innovative payment processing strategies, advanced technology solutions, and exceptional customer service.

ACH Origination

Saving you time and money by not having to order or write checks for your payroll processing, by allowing you to setup your own wire transfers, and by providing you with a safe and efficient payment processing system to collect on your invoices.

Remote Deposit

Transforming your computer into a powerful, yet secure teller station, and eliminating trips to the bank to make deposits.

Positive Pay

Allowing your business to identify and prevent fraudulent check payments.

Sweep Account

Allowing businesses to automatically transfer funds into investment accounts.

Wire Services

Allowing businesses to use the full power of transferring outbound and inbound funds.

Business Debit Card

Allowing you an easy and time efficient way to make business purchases and payments.