We offer checking solutions from traditional accounts to accounts that earn interest, all with the latest in technology and personal local service.  We can help you choose the account that’s right for you, come bank with us!


Value Checking

  • Opening Deposit
  • Min. Daily Bal. to Avoid Fee
  • Min. Balance Fee
  • Min. Bal. to Earn Interest
    Not Applicable
  • Interest
  • VBT ATM Fees
  • Other ATM Fees refunded
  • E-Statements
    Required to avoid Paper Statement Fee
  • Online Banking
  • Bill Pay
    5 Available
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Deposits
    6 Available
  • Identity Theft
    7 Available

Classic Value


Second Chance

  • Opening Deposit
  • 1Requirements to Reduce Maintenance Fee
    See Disclosure for Details
  • 1Maintenance Fee
  • Silver Debit Card
  • VBT ATM Fees
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile App
  • 4Mobile Deposits
  • 6E-Statements
  • 3Overdraft Privilege
    Not Available For First 6 Months
  • 2Online BillPay
    Additional Fee
  • 5Account Disclosure

Value Checking Plus


  1. The daily collected balance computation method is used to calculate interest on your account. This method applies to a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. Interest accrues on the business day you deposit non-cash items. Fees may reduce earning on account.  Annual percentage yield (APY) is variable and may change after the account is open. Fees may reduce earnings on the account.
  2. Must maintain $1,500 in NOW Account or $12,500 in Money Market to avoid fee.
  3. Must have one ACH transaction or Direct Deposit, E-Statements, 15 Debit Card Transactions and access online banking one time during the statement cycle.
  4. Qualifying account holders who have had account more than 30 days (click here for more details)
  5. $2.95 a statement cycle for the first 10 transactions and .50 for each additional bill paid.
  6. .40 per transaction not to exceed $3,000. 5 deposits daily with maximum of $9,000 daily.
  7. $1.95 for ID Restoration and $7.95 for ID Protect Plus.
  8. Classic Value Checking – $0.20 per transaction for every transaction over 30 per billing cycle.
  • Our general policy is to allow you to withdraw funds deposited in your account on the first business day after the day we receive your deposit. Funds from electronic direct deposits will be available on the day we receive your deposit. In some cases, we may delay your ability to withdraw funds beyond the first business day. Then, the funds will generally be available by the second business day after the day of deposit.
Overdraft Privilege Form

Second Chance Account Disclosures

  1. $12.95 maintenance fee with automatic direct deposit per statement cycle; $14.95 service charge without direct deposit per statement cycle; $25 one time setup fee.
  2. BillPay: $4.95 per statement cycle for up to 5 bill payment transactions; $1.00 for each additional bill payment transaction.
  3. No overdraft protection within the first 6 months; All check items are to be returned if funds are not available until approved for OD Privilege. Qualifying account holders who have had account more than 6 months will be given consideration at bank’s discretion.
  4. $0.40 per transactions not to exceed $3,000. 3 deposits daily with maximum of $9,000 daily.
  5. Cannot owe any ValueBank Texas Bank, cannot owe any other bank within the past year for a combined total of $500; Cannot be suspected on Chexsystem of committing a fraud.
  6. If you do not elect to receive e-mail statements, you will be charged a $2.50 statement fee for your paper statements.